RTR Gargoyle RAW Grip Frame Single


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If you need a fastener for your grip frame, you can purchase it with a lock washer HERE.

1 review for RTR Gargoyle RAW Grip Frame Single

  1. David Acuna

    I got these trigger grips in gloss black. It didn’t come on time for a weekend game but my buddy let me borrow a gargoyle which is stock with this grip. I played with it all day
    At first I thought it was uncomfortable and kinda too bulky so I didn’t initially like it. But I realized that actually it was the grips that threw me off. I ended up putting some hogue wrap arounds and everything was amazing. You have to mind that these grip frame is larger than a 45 so account that accordingly. But its not so big that small hands can’t wrap around it. Just make sure whatever grip you use is comfortable and something that goes well with your hands. And that it will feel larger on your hands.
    When I got home my trigger grip came. These things are quality. They are machined very well. I mounted them on my phantom and they go over the trigger frame but there are grooves inside that it snugs on a phantom trigger mount. The grooves on the humpback give you a better grip and its good for people who have large hands while giving your phantom a unique look. They also have four mount points on the bottom so you have options to have your stock or asa or what not forward or back. For the price and quality these things are a must buy.

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